Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm back

I am back to try this again. I hope this time it will stick:)

Life has been flying by. I have been down for a good part of it the last 4 years. Chronic illness creeped in in 2009. I stopped all extra curricular activities. I am still trying to get back to me if you know what I mean. So this year I am making an extra effort to be here. So I will be working on my blog to fit all that I love in one place. I plan on having pages for each interest, separate blogs is just not in the cards. I will play catch up for some pretty cool things that I did happen to be a part of the last few years. So here we go....

Recently my friend Michelle asked if I wanted to be a part of a 52 week saving challenge. Sounded good to me, so I also invited someone to participate. In order to get motivated I made this bank from a recycled coffee can. I gave this one away, but have plans to make more (at least one for myself). They are very easy to make.
*Remove paper from outside and wash the inside.
*Cut a slit in the lid for your money.
*Use silver flashing tape to tape the lid on.
*Apply your fav treatment to the outside, in this case I used alcohol inks.
That's pretty much it.
Have fun!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Small project

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Small mini tag book made from recycled paper towel tubes. Made for a little family friend.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

New year, new attitude.
I have been missing in action for a long while. I needed to deal with , well life. I hand unexpected health issues that I am just now coming to terms with. Life must go on. So I must move forward and not dwell on things I have no control over. Out with the old and in with the new.
This year I need to continue to get rid of "clutter". Mental and physical clutter! I have too much stuff. I love all my creative supplies but there is just too much. I need to let go, so I will be selling some supplies and donating some.
I plan on posting more often. Not sure where I am headed with this blog. It might take me a while to get focused, then again if I am posting about what I am doing, I may never be focused lol!

Happy 2012 to all and good luck in all your plans for the year!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Needlefelted Tote

Hi there. This is a little tote I made for my daughter a couple of years ago when I got my first needlefelting machine. The bag in pink wool, with stitching for the flower stems and beads in the center of the flowers.
Side one

                                                       Side two and a close-up


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fabric Collage Journal Covers

Hi there!
Here are a few journals I made using the collage fabric I made using the technique from Rebekah Meier book. The pieces are sewed to the cover. I have a RubiCoil binder and the pages are a combination of plain and scrapbook paper. I might go back and add some rubber stamping to the covers also.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

No longer missing in action!

Well the last couple of months have been interesting to say the least. Even though it is February, my goal for the new year is to get a better handle on my life, both creative and personal.

Last month(Janruary 18-23) I attended the SG Rainbow Accreditation Course in California. SG stands for Stewart Gill. They are a wonderful paint company from the UK. The week was very intense but also very rewarding.It rained the whole week! The sun came out briefly Saturday the 23rd. But I had a great time and the best room mate ever,Judy Alexander. It was as if we have been friends for years instead of just meeting! Not only is Judy talented, but she has a great spirit. It was great to meet everyone there.

Rebecca and Gwen

Well I have lots to share. But I think I will spread it out. So, more later.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bumps In The Road

So sorry for the long delay in postings. I have had some health issues. Life will be a little different for me from now on. It has taken the last month and a half to get things somewhat under control, and it will take a while longer to fell totally in control.

I have a few new pictures to share and will try to get those posted in the next few days.

I am so very greatful for the life I have, my family, my friends and anyone who extends a kind word or gesture my way. As we move  toward Christmas and a new year, I would like to say "Thank You" for all I have, every past moment good and bad and for every future moment...good and bad.